The First New Flu Medication In 20 Years - FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration approved a new flu medication on Wednesday and medical professionals are ecstatic about it. Why?
The First New Flu Medication In 20 Years - FDA Approved

The flu, also known as influenza, has had a deadly impact on thousands of individuals over the past few years. The flu virus is most commonly spread by droplets that come in contact with the nose and mouth. An infected individual can also spread the virus through talking, as well as hand to hand contact. Expert physicians recommend washing or sanitizing your hands regularly during flu season to prevent spreading or receiving the germs. Since the flu is a seasonal virus it hits the hardest during late November to March. Traditionally, the flu peaks during mid-January and February.

The Flu Virus: Then Versus Now

The H1N1 flu outbreak of 2009 is an example of how deadly and quickly the flu can spread. It’s no surprise, the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled the 2009 scare as a pandemic because of the impact felt around the world. The worst known pandemic of influenza was between 1918 and 1919. The disease killed an estimated 100 million people that were otherwise healthy until being stricken with the disease. The influenza virus continues to be a constant foe to humanity. Many people get severely sick from some form of the influenza virus while others will die.

To avoid the pandemic of 1919, many researchers have looked for a way to stop the disease. While it’s still impossible to prevent influenza, there are steps that have been taken to prevent mass fatalities. Unfortunately, the seasonal virus is impervious to antibiotics. Despite the resistance of influenza to traditional flu treatment, researchers and medical scientists have been slow to create new treatment options to stop the spread of the disease. The biggest problem is the threat of influenza spreading. More importantly, researchers have said; containing the flu virus is necessary to stop a mass infection that could stir up another pandemic.

The best flu treatment has been anti-viral medications, but there’s still no cure. Influenza causes fever, shortness of breath, and weak muscles. The WHO is concerned with how easy the disease can be spread over distances. The threat of another pandemic caused a large-scale vaccine program in America in 1931.

Today, there are better antibiotics, respirators, and vaccines to fight against the seasonal virus. Consequently. normally healthy people end up ill with no apparent warning signs until they’ve become sick. Field experts interested in flu treatment options would like to combat pneumonia that causes fluid on the lungs and contributes to many deaths from the flu.

Treatment Options For The Flu Today

In America, the flu threatens 15 percent of all people. The influenza virus claimed an estimated 800,000 lives in the United States. Despite the research on the disease, treatment options are still limited. However, today, there has been immediate advances in treatment options for the flu. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new drug called baloxaviar marboxil (Xofluza) to contain the influenza virus. In fact, it has been the first treatment advance in the flu by the US in 20 years. The recent scare in past years has sparked a need for an immediate care solution.

What Is The New FDA Approved Flu Drug

The new Xofluza pill will be available to the public in a few weeks. The new pill will interfere with the flu virus and stop it from replicating. The FDA is confident the new drug will stop millions of people from getting sick, reduce a widespread reaction, and be a safe alternative. FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlibe was one of the first to call for additional flu treatment options. There have been clinical trials for the new Xofluza drug over the summer. The most recent trials have been a success. In fact, the new treatment medication was first released in Japan.

The goal is to make the sure the drug is available in a timely manner. The FDA is attempting to stop the widespread threat of person to person influenza contamination with the new drug. Millions of people will be able to benefit from the new drug.

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