Trump Diverts $200 Million From HHS Programs For Child Detention

Learn more about the $200 million Donald Trump moved from the department of health and human services to fund child detention programs.
Trump Diverts $200 Million From HHS Programs For Child Detention

Donald Trump is forcing the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to send money from health programs to child detention. Trumpcare 2018 is moving money from one program, that could help children, to another that is handling child detention facilities which were required after the crackdown on immigrants. Anyone who is wondering how this impacts them can read below to see where the movement is going.

This is a major change in funding for the government that has seen so much upheaval since President Trump started issuing executive orders that altered how the US budget is handled. The people that are most impacted are those in detention centers, but there are US citizens who will suffer because they will not have their grant money, will not have the medications they need, or cannot get the medical exemptions that they need.

Quick Scoop

The HHS secretary has been told to send over $200 million to the child detention program that Donald Trump requires because of the crackdowns at the border. Health programs will lose funding because they are not deemed to be very important, and that funding might not come back under this administration because it would be assigned to the Trumpcare 2018 program in the next year. Someone who is getting services through one of these programs needs to have a look at what is going on so that they know if they might lose services or funding for their research.

The purpose of this change is to press the immigration issue as hard as possible. The Republican Party shows no sign of stopping these changes, and they could allow the budget to remain the same next year. This is the most worrying part of the development because the government could strip even more money from the Department of Health and Human Services.

What Will Be Affected

HIV research and other programs are meant to help with low-level studies that the administration does not find as a priority. Many researchers will discover that they do not have a way to fund their study anymore. For patients, they may find funds being cut off for healthcare, as well as not always getting exemptions approved. You can also find people who are on experimental medications, not able to get the drugs they need. Overall, there will be people being denied of medical coverage because the government just eliminated $200 million that could have been used.

The people who are hoping to get their money back should start filing their stays in court immediately. There might be some legal challenges to this, but it is appealing for people to take this to court because the law might be the only thing that can prevent the President from taking this money. Unfortunately, the HHS Secretary is showing no signs of striking back, also he might not be able to give the money back because he does not have that much control over the budget of his department.

Where Will The Money Be Transferred From?

All the money that will be used for Trumpcare 2018 will be taken from the HHS. Someone who is using HHS services may find that they do not have them anymore if their program gets eliminated. If you are using health programs you should look to see if Trump will still be funding your program, since you may not be notified immediately.

Trump deemed the child detention centers to be more important, than our citizen’s health. He did not make any mandates about taking care of the people who are already receiving money or services from these programs. Some programs could be very obscure, but they are doing something for somebody who needs that money.

Other Information

The deletion centers are not showing any signs of going away because the families cannot all be reunited. The administration has made it clear that Trumpcare 2018 has these centers as part of their overall agenda. They want to show people that they are pushing the immigration platform for as long as they can. These changes cannot be stopped because the midterm elections cannot cause a reversal, and progressives who are concerned must work on having someone proficient elected in 2020.

People in detention centers will be kept there as long as needed since the money has been funneled to keep them there. They will be hauled in at the border if they are not able to enter the country legally, and it is possible, that this could remain the status quo for some time. As stated previously, the money funding these programs is from the HHS. From this, the HHS cannot continue with HIV research, ancillary medical services, and other medical exemptions that are often offered by government programs.

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