Pre existing condition plans and what you can do to help

Living with pre existing conditions can be challenging, but here's how to make life easier.
Pre existing condition plans and what you can do to help

In the United States, more than 130 million people under the age of 65 are living with pre existing conditions. A pre existing condition is simply a health problem that was diagnosed before enrolling in a health care plan, including depression, AIDS, and pregnancy. These conditions are defined by insurance companies and, in the past, could cause insurers to deny or charge more for coverage. Thanks to the ACA, insurers can no longer take part in these practices. However, with the new healthcare bill, known as Trumpcare, these protections for people with previous conditions could go away again.

Living With Pre Existing Conditions

There are many different health problems that can be considered pre existing conditions. The ailments range from something as minuscule as acne to diseases as serious as cancer and AIDS. Other pre existing conditions include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • And many more.

Naturally, some of these conditions cost more to treat than others do. Some, like pregnancy, are only temporary. Living with and managing your pre existing condition often comes down to what health insurance you have and your budget. For this reason, it is important to find the best affordable health insurance possible.

Finding the Best Affordable Health Insurance With Your Pre Existing Conditions

Given the uncertainty of the future of the healthcare system, it is difficult to know how to proceed when looking for a new HMO. Here are a few places you can look to help you locate health insurance with pre existing conditions.

1. Employer’s Health Care

If you are living with a pre existing condition and are worried about being denied coverage with the new Trumpcare bill, you may want to consider joining your employer’s health care plan. Group policies are typically sold to employers and these group plans do not usually exclude coverage because of previous health problems. If your current employer does not offer health insurance, consider joining a spouse’s group plan or switching jobs to a company that does.

2. Private Healthcare Marketplace

Browse through tons of different plans in your area by using a private health insurance marketplace like First Quote Health. Simply enter your zip code to see lots of potential plans. You can then compare coverage and quotes to see where you can get affordable insurance that will cover your pre existing condition. You can even talk to a knowledgeable agent who can help answer your questions and make an informed decision.

3. Public Healthcare Marketplace

At the moment, you can still browse the public healthcare marketplace set up by the ACA. Here, you can look through public plans and sign up for insurance during the open enrollment period. Since insurers are not allowed to discriminate against those with pre existing conditions, any of the plans on this website can be suitable for you.

4. High-Risk Pools

In the future, you may need to research high-risk pools. The Trumpcare plan allocates money to fund high-risk pools which would offer coverage to people with pre existing conditions. However, premiums for this sort of HMO could be incredibly high and, some experts warn, out of budget for many families.


If you have been laid off or lost your job because of a qualifying event and you liked your employer’s health insurance plan, you may be able to stay on your employer's insurance plan for up to 18 months. This is all thanks to COBRA. Though it may be more expensive, this is a great way to keep the same coverage and keep your insurance intact until you find a new job or a private insurance HMO.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about a pre existing condition without health insurance. You need medical care to treat your condition and get better. However, without insurance, this treatment is incredibly costly. Whether you are experiencing a pregnancy or a chronic illness, the best thing you can do to help yourself and your pre-existing condition is enroll in affordable health insurance.

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