National Public Health Week - Join The Movement For A Healthy Future

National Public Health Week is here, and it's time to get involved. Join the American Public Health Association's movement towards a healthier future, and help the US become the healthiest nation by 2030!
National Public Health Week - Join The Movement For A Healthy Future

National Public Health Week is here, and it’s time, once again, to highlight the driving factors behind our nation's public health. Each year, the American Public Health Association sponsors Public Health Week in an attempt to raise awareness about the state of health in the US, and bring together states, cities, and communities across the country in an effort to bring about change.

When Is National Public Health Week?

This year, 2018, National Public Health Week will take place from April 2 to April 8. The event always takes place during the first week of April and has been an integral part of public health for over 20 years.

The Goals Of National Public Health Week

The goal of National Public Health Week is to “highlight issues that are important to improving our nation’s public health.” By highlighting public health issues in the US, work can be done, and measures can be taken to create greater health equity in our country. The ultimate goal of Public Health Week is to outline a plan to become the healthiest nation in the world by the year 2030.

Themes For The Week

Each day during National Public Health Week will have its own theme. Every theme is carefully designed to bring attention to some of the most critical public health issues facing our nation, and are crucial to creating a healthy population. The themes this year are as follows:

  • Monday: Behavioral Health
  • Tuesday: Communicable Diseases
  • Wednesday: Environmental Health
  • Thursday: Injury and Violence Prevention
  • Friday: Ensuring the Right to Health

Events For The Week

Along with themes for each day, there will be events held across the country at different locations. From New York to California, there is an event for everyone. Events range from photo essay contests to step challenges, and you can find a comprehensive list of National Public Health Week events here.

How You Can Get Involved

Does National Public Health Week spark your interest? If you work in the public health sector, or just want to get your community involved, the American Public Health Association makes it easy. Here are the different ways you can contribute to creating a healthier country.

Become A Partner

There tons of ways you can partner with the American Public Health Association. You can donate to the cause, or if you want to be a bit more active in the movement, you can submit event ideas, and even host an event in your local community. Schools, public libraries, and even local community centers are great places to throw an event. The American Public Health Association will even help out and give resources needed to get an event organized.

Take Action

It’s hard for the government to ignore the voice of the people, especially when that voice is backed by a movement. Sending letters and writing to your local government, and members of Congress on the importance of public health will help drive change.

Join Generation Public Health

Sign up to join Generation Public Health, another movement put together by the American Public Health Association. Generation Public Health aims to create better living conditions and greater health equity throughout the entire country. Joining the movement is as easy as signing a pledge.

Participate In The Step Challenge

1 billion step challenge is the American Public Health Association’s challenge that helps promote healthy living. Organizing a step challenge in your community is a fun way to get everyone involved, and better yet, it’s completely affordable. The goal is to reach 1 billion steps before the start of National Public Health Week. Join the challenge today!

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