10 Ways to Keep Healthy This Labor Day Weekend

Wondering how to stay healthy this Labor Day Weekend? Try these 10 tips
10 Ways to Keep Healthy This Labor Day Weekend

Excited about Labor Day Weekend yet? With 3 full days of brunching, hanging out with friends, and holiday cocktail recipes who wouldn’t be! However, among all the festivities it’s easy to lose track of your health, and overindulge in all the BBQ cookouts your heart desires.

So, if you aren’t looking to sabotage your sanity and summer bod you’ve worked so hard for, these Labor Day Weekend health tips may be for you.

1. Don’t Forget To Catch Some Zzz’s

Undoubtedly there will be plenty of weekend parties and family moments, but depriving yourself of sleep will disrupt your pattern.  A small ripple in your sleep pattern can take you days to readjust. Try limiting your party time, relax, and most importantly get some much needed shuteye.

2. Consistency Is Key

It is a holiday, but that does not mean it’s time for an extended cheat day (or does it?).  Whether it is your hot cup of joe in the morning or your 3-mile evening jog, do your best to stick to your weekly routine.  

3. Reconnect With Your Old Friend

Yes, I am referring to the gym. Take advantage of the long weekend to get in some extra workouts. You can either stick to your exercise regimen or if you’re adventurous, add a few more sets of pull-ups to keep on track.

You can also go out for a walk in a nearby park with family, or take advantage of the dwindling summer weather and go for a hike with your buddies. Staying active will help you offset all the extra carbs and calories you will be consuming.

4. Don’t forget the H2O

Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to indulge in that extra bottle you‘ve been saving, or try out the new jello shot recipe you found on Pinterest. However, it’s important to keep in mind alcohol contains calories, and those sugary drinks you make will lead to a nasty hangover throwing off your workout plans. 

Instead, try limiting your alcohol intake to a glass or two, and consider drinking more water. Water is essential for flushing out toxins and keeping your body hydrated, and for an added bonus it can reduce that Sunday morning hangover.

5. Pack Healthy Snacks

If you’re like me, you’ll most likely find yourself at the bars this weekend.  It’s no secret that bars don’t have the healthiest food options (even out here in California), which means it’s on you to bring a healthy treat to stuff your face with between Mai Tais. 

Think about packing healthy foods such as fruits, vegetable-filled sandwiches, and low-sodium nuts.  Pass up on the chips and dip, and try some carrots and that oh so delicious hummus your mom has been telling you about. 

6. Breakfast and Brunch

If you skip breakfast during the week, shame on you, but this holiday weekend is your chance for redemption. Breakfast not only provides you with the nutrients and energy to take on the day but will also give you that full feeling so you don’t overeat once the drinks start flowing. 

7. Pre Game The Party

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it can make all the difference.  The party may promise those pigs in a blanket you loved so much as a kid or other finger foods we pretend are just appetizers, but do you really need all those extra calories? 

Try eating a small, healthy meal before the party so you’re not a total buzzkill, but also so you won’t eat too much.  Trust me, your stomach will thank you (and me) later. 

8.Make Brunch Epic

Brunch menus are the best menus.  Breakfast burritos with bottomless mimosas? Yes, please! 

As hard as this one may be, and I don’t blame you if you totally ignore this tip, maybe order the kale wrap you’ve always been avoiding.  Throw some candied bacon on there if you have to, but at least attempt to make the right choices.

9. Break Out Your Dancing Shoes

Footloose wasn’t just an American Classic, but a shining example of how we should be spending our Labor Day Weekends.  If Kevin Bacon has taught us anything, it’s that dancing is good for the soul, and in this case, good for the body.

30 minutes on the dancefloor can actually burn up about 180 calories.  If you’re struggling to fit in time for your daily work out between all your holiday plans, this is your solution.

10. Plan for the Next Week

If for some reason you decide these health tips aren’t for you, the least you can do is begin planning for the week ahead of you.  Maybe think about planning a trip to the grocery store at some point and prepare some nice lunches and dinners to help you recover at work on Tuesday (if you don’t call out for an extended vacation).

Hopefully, these health tips will help you enjoy your holiday weekend to the fullest, but if not, have a fun and safe Labor Day!


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