The 10 best states for low health insurance premiums

These 10 states have the lowest health insurance premiums, did yours make the list?
The 10 best states for low health insurance premiums

The cost of healthcare services in America today varies from state to state. Some of the factors that can drive up the cost of health insurance premiums include the overall health of the population, the lack of awareness of the treatments methods available, and the advanced medical equipment installed in hospitals. On average, an American can spend approximately $10,000 on a yearly basis on healthcare programs; this is according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services who came up with this estimate, even though the figure is rising.

It is important to know that high costs of medical care do not mean that the services are much better, or the results are uniquely different. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation analysis on the quality of global health, they reported that the US is outperformed each year by other wealthy nations on different aspects, like the quality and longevity of life. However, there has been a great progression in other areas of healthcare, particularly the promotion of health and provision of quality healthcare, with improvements on the healthcare accessibility.

When you look at the states that offer health insurance plans, there are some health plans that offer high-value health plans for low insurance premiums. To get better health insurance quotes for your city, you can use First Quote Health to instantly compare rates. These low insurance premiums allow citizens to save, as they also take advantage of lower copays and deductibles, which translate to low-cost bills when the insurance is needed. Private health insurance is not included in these figures. Below is a list of 10 states that have low health insurance costs.

10. Idaho

The state of Idaho does not have very affordable healthcare insurance premiums. The state has 22% of its citizens spending out-of-pocket costs compared to the rates and income of 20% of adults who are uninsured; this is according to the Commonwealth Fund data. The state decided to stick with its Medicaid program, which has worked against them because 78,000 residents achieve a high income that exceeds the subsidies, while some have very low incomes that they cant afford monthly insurance premiums, as reported by C.L. Otter, the Associated Press Idaho Gov.

The good news for residents of Idaho is that the cost of insurance is already low, not to mention the private health insurance. The state has a low-cost silver plan which is described as Mountain Health Co-Op Link Silver that has a monthly premium of $266, a nominal median, and a $2,150 as the lower deductible. What also keeps the costs low is the flat fees that are applied to visits to primary doctors and emergency rooms.

9. Oregon

In the start of 2016, Oregan expanded its insurance coverage program. Healthcare providers in Oregon were required to cover the residents with video conference medical services, a full year of birth control, and prescription medicines worth 90 days. Even after the expansion, the health coverage is still low. Silver plans begin at $230 a month from Providence Health Plan’s Connect 2000 Silver plan. It is followed by a $2,000 deductible, emergency services that have a copay for a primary doctor’s care of $25, an emergency service copy of $250 and out-of-pocket cost that has a ceiling at $6,850.

8. Hawaii

The most affordable health insurance silver plan in the state is from HMSA Silver MO that has a monthly insurance premium of $260 which is more accommodative than the $266 median; it is also slightly low with a deductible of $2,500. The plan also charges emergency care and primary physician visits at flat copays, which limit the plan holder’s cost.

7. District of Columbia

The District of Columbia has a very good cost of health insurance premiums. The most affordable health insurance Silver plan is from Blue Choice HMO HSA Silver which has an annual premium f $299 or a monthly premium of $2,748. The plan also has a deductible of $1,350 which limits the out-of-pocket costs for policyholders, like the emergency room copay of $300.

6. Michigan

Michigan also has a low monthly premium that starts from $210, and an annual premium that starts at $2,520. The plan from Humana Silver 3800. Detroit HMOx has a deductible of $3,800 which is comparatively higher than most silver plan deductibles in other states. To counter the high deductibles, the overall costs are kept low on fees such as $20 visits to the primary doctor, and the emergency room fees of $250 copay that is paid before deductibles.

5. Pennsylvania

Better price health plans have emerged in Pennsylvania because of the high number of insurers who are selling personal health plans for residents. The lowest plan in the state is from Independence Blue Cross which has a low deductible of $1,50, and a monthly premium of $276.

4. Texas

Texas has a cheap silver plan from Molina Marketplace Choice with an offer of $2,000 deductible and a monthly premium that starts from $253 and an annual premium of $3,036. Even though it has low costs, it still has some catching up to do because it did not expand its Medicaid. To get the current health insurance quotes for Texas, visit the First Quote Health service website.

3. California

California is the most popular state in the US. It has more than 238,000 residents who are part of the Covered California health exchange. The state has a silver pan form Silver 70 which has monthly costs of $236. The plan also has a $2,250 deductible and flat fees for its health services.

2. Utah

Even though the state does not have an expansive federal Medicaid, it boosts low-cost health insurance premiums. Molina Marketplace Silver plan costs a monthly premium of $214 or an annual premium of $2,568. Residents of Utah have affordable out-of-pocket costs. A deductible of @2,000 is offered by the plan and flat fees for health services. The affordable health insurance of Utah makes it more convenient for most of its residents. The correct health insurance quotes, of Utah, can be accessed through the First Quote Heath services website.

1. New Mexico

Residents of New Mexico have a low monthly premium of $181 and an annual cover of $2,172, offered by Molina Marketplace Silver plan. The plan also has a $2,000 deductible and copays of flat-fees for health services. Even though the residents of New Mexico have low-cost health services, they still have issues obtaining health coverage.

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